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Light up the bright pearl on the Silk Road|Industrial Park Street Lighting Renovation Project

A few days ago, Zilb Lighting successfully completed the road lighting renovation project in the China-Belarus Industrial Park. While ensuring the safety of the park at night, it also helped the park save a lot of electricity bills and achieved the lighting goals of green, environmental protection and energy saving. As one of the first batch of enterprises in the Sino-Belarusian Industrial Park, Zilb Lighting has continuously improved its international management level, made full use of all resources, actively expanded overseas markets, and provided overseas customers with professional and high-quality lighting fixtures and system solutions.


The China-Belarus Industrial Park is located in the eastern suburbs of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, with a planned area of ​​91.5 square kilometers. It is the largest investment attraction project in Belarus and an important cooperation project between China and Belarus. The park is planned to have production and residential areas, office and commercial and entertainment complexes, financial and scientific research centers. The China-Belarus Industrial Park is committed to building a five-in-one international new city of ecology, livability, industry, vitality, and innovation, and is known as the “Pearl of the Silk Road Economic Belt”.


In order to facilitate the normal production and life needs of the enterprises in the park, and to ensure the safety of the park at night, the park management committee vigorously launched the industrial park street light renovation project. Zilb Lighting successfully became the supplier of this project with high-performance products and high-quality services. The original high-pressure sodium lamps in the park not only have poor lighting effects, but also consume large amounts of electricity and have a short service life. Zilb Lighting’s tailor-made lighting renovation plan will effectively reduce the power consumption rate, greatly enhance the lighting effect, and further improve the supporting facilities in the park.


In this street lamp renovation project, Zilb Lighting’s 150W BP-001-0018 model street lamp is used to replace the original high-pressure sodium lamp. It has long life, high luminous efficiency, high protection level, good color rendering, environmental protection and energy saving. Advantage. After installation, it is tested that all road lighting indicators have reached the acceptance standards, and compared with the original high pressure sodium lamp lighting system, energy consumption can be saved by about 60%. After being put into use, the park road lighting effect is excellent, and the stable performance has been highly praised and affirmed by the customers.


In the field of urban road lighting, Zilb Lighting provides high-efficiency, energy-saving, comfortable and durable LED street lighting products and solutions for customers at home and abroad through continuous independent research and development and innovation. The successful completion of this project proves that Zilb Lighting has certain technical and location advantages overseas. In the future, Zilb Lighting will continue to promote the R&D and application of LED lighting technology and products, with a more calm attitude and firm steps, to open up a broader market and write a more brilliant future.