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Product Description

Applicable to large soccer fields, rugby fields, golf courses, ski slopes, racetracks and sports training venues and other places. Perfect to meet the domestic and international events HD relay demand.
More Beam Angle for Option
Professional stadium lights design concept, with 7 ° 10 ° 15 ° 25 ° 30 ° 60 ° a variety of lighting angles, to meet the needs of different occasions.
3D Cooling Technology
Adopt unique FIN type heat dissipation structure design, 3 d heat created air convection channel, combined with overclocking three gear shaper, efficient heat dissipation FIN process.
Coopper Heatpipe
Heat pipe by using the theory of heat transfer and refrigeration,rapid heat transfer heat quickly to the heat source, thermal capacity than any known metal.

Product Parameters

Product DescriptionModelWatt(W)Input Voltage(V)Power FactorRaBeam AngelLight Temperature(K)Download
TS250 250 90-305 >0.95 Ra>80 7°/10°/15°/25°/30°/60° 3000-6500
TS500 500 90-305 >0.95 Ra>80 7°/10°/15°/25°/30°/60° 3000-6500