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04/12/2018 Michael

Zilb street lights components include solar modules (including stand), LED lamp, solar lighting controller, batteries (including battery incubator) and the poles etc.



  •  Bright LED light at night
  •  Best for Security, Yard & Street lights
  •  Dusk to dawn charge controller for automatic on off
  •  Rust free powder coated poles & Arms
  •  Allen key lock for better security safety
  •  Double arm street light also available.
  •  Suitable for institutes, industries, Villas, Trust/Temples & Govt. Projects.
Model No Light Solar Panel Battery CC Unit Pole Height Backup
ESASL6W 6W 30W 20AH 5A 4-5M 2DAY A
ESASL10W 10W 40W 40AH 5A 4-5M 2DAY A
ESASL15W 15W 50W 60AH 5A 4-5M 2DAY A
ESASL20W 20W 60W 60AH 5A 4-5M 2DAY A
ESASL25W 25W 70W 75AH 5A 4-5M 2DAY A
ESASL30W 30W 90W 75AH 10A 4-5M 2DAY A
ESASL35W 35W 110W 100AH 10A 6-8M 2DAY A
ESASL40W 40W 120W 100AH 10A 6-8M 2DAY A


Centrally controlled where Solar Panel and Battery bank are at one place and lights are installed at a wide area like AC Mains lights.
Intelligent Centralized Solar LED Street Lighting Solution has solar panels and battery bank installed at an easily accessible location where the routine maintenance is easier, along with control, monitoring and remote communications electronics in a control room. Output Voltage is boosted up to reduce line losses and reduce cabling costs.


  • Apartments
  • Hospitals
  • College
  • Commercial building
  • Hostel
  • Industries
  • Villas


  •  Uses of natural resources instead of Electric power will allow earning of carbon credits.
  •  Uses of existing infrastructure of poles and light fixtures
  • Shifting of maximum load to Solar generated power.
  •  LED lights reduce power consumption by minimum of 50%.
  • Ease in Solar Panel & battery maintenance
  • Lights can be placed even where no sun shines
  • Uses of AC mains power only in case of cloudy weather
  • For 10 Years, nearly Zero operational cost
  • Return on Investment ( RoI ) ~ nearly 3 Years
  •  No theft of batteries, light, solar panel like traditional solar street lights.

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