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Lighting country Road | Road Lighting Project of Rural Road Solar Street Lights in Tongdao County

Recently, the Tongdao County Party Committee and the county government started from the livelihood of the people and implemented full coverage of the “beautiful village” lighting project. Zorro Lighting assisted a total of eleven townships and towns in Huaihua City, Hunan’s solar street lamp lighting project. New solar party flag street lights were installed along the roads of the households. Street lights were lit up on the previously dark roads in the countryside, and party flags were flying in every corner of the town. The “Beautiful Country” lighting project, to a certain extent, guarantees rural traffic safety, public security, facilitates mass activities, and effectively helps villagers improve their lives. Each bright lamp constitutes a unique rural scenery. The night when the “Party Flag Lantern” is lit, has become a navigation light to guide Tongdao County’s “ecologically established county, industrially strong county, and tourism prosperous county”, illuminating the new rural life.

In this solar street lamp lighting project that Zorro Lighting participated in, more than 11,000 sets of Zorro Lighting CP-SL02 series solar street lamps were used to settle in the countryside, and tens of thousands of villagers benefited from it.
In order to better allocate resources and achieve optimal lighting effects, Zorro Lighting fully considered the travel habits of local villagers and installed an intelligent control system on the street lights to achieve intelligent control of brightness during different periods of time, which is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly , And effectively extend the service life of street lights.
Solar energy has no pollution, no transportation, no monopoly, “inexhaustible and inexhaustible”, and has become the mainstream of contemporary new energy. Vigorously develop new rural energy, let solar energy enter thousands of households, solar street lamp lighting project benefits the people and convenience, enhances the overall image of the new countryside, promotes the rational use of new energy, and reflects the concept of “low-carbon life”. It illuminates the voice of the masses and also illuminates the road to the development of the new countryside.

Local media have also reported on this lighting project one after another. The media reports fully reflect the improvement of the rural solar street lamp road lighting project to the lives of local residents. In Zorro Lighting’s years of exploration and accumulation, It is not difficult to see that solar LED lighting without cable laying and payment of electricity bills is very suitable for remote rural areas in China.
Zorro Lighting’s participation in the construction of the “Beautiful Country-Happy Home” rural municipal lighting project in Huaihua, Hunan is the recognition and affirmation of Zorro Lighting’s strength in smart solar lighting products by relevant government departments. In the future, Zorro Lighting will make unremitting efforts to integrate the concepts of energy saving and intelligence into product development and project construction, and under the business guidance and key support of the government and related departments, actively participate in the modernization of agriculture and rural areas in the new era. , To promote the improvement of the rural environment, to make the rural areas more livable, and to fulfill the responsibility for the country’s comprehensive deployment and implementation of the “rural revitalization” strategy.